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News: ABSW revamp goes live


Association of British Science Writers - Picture of branded bags at the UKCSJ conference

Been so busy lately, that we've even been too busy to do any shameless self promotion! One of the projects we've been working on was for the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) who've been a regular client of ours for a few years now. We've given their site a slight revamp, which took a lot of work!

Here's what they said about us: "Dave has managed our site for a while and we’ve had a great relationship which led to him redesigning our site, too. He followed the brief well and produced something that looked good and was an improvement that we were happy with. Dave was also quick to respond to and fix any small hitches expected when one relaunches a website."

The website, which uses Joomla and a variety of plugins, was revamped based on the feedback of members who had commented, among other things, that the website was hard to navigate and too text based. So the new website, which features many more pictures and a greater sense of navigation, was designed to solve these problems.

While the website revamp is seen as a stop-gap measure before the complete rebuild of the website in the near future, we were pleased to have been involved in this journey with one of our ongoing clients.

See it for yourself here:

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