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News: FAQs: What is website hosting?


A number of our clients have asked us this question. Website hosting is basically rented space on a server, where the files that make up your website are stored. A server is simply a computer with areas that can be accessed by anyone in the world.

Website hosting is usually charged a year at a time and costs can vary depending on what technologies are installed on the server, how much bandwidth is provided and how much webspace is available.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is simply the number of times the files on your website can be accessed by the general public in a month. Some providers limit the amount of bandwidth available in order to offer cheaper hosting. All of our hosting packages include unlimited bandwidth.

What is Webspace?

Webspace is the amount of space on the server that is allocated for your website's files. As with bandwidth, some hosting providers limit this space so they can sell top-ups. However, all our hosting packages come with unlimited webspace.

How much do we charge for hosting?

We offer 3 main kinds of web hosting, standard and advanced. Standard hosting is £45 a year, Advanced is £92 a year, Ecommerce Hosting for £150 a year. All hosting packages we offer include unlimited bandwith and unlimited web hosting. This means that no matter how many people visit your site and no matter how big your site is, it should not go offline.

Advanced hosting is required for all content managed sites. This is because they require the use of a database which is what allows content to be updated. Advanced hosting also includes SSH, unlimited sub-domain hosting and CGI scripting as standard.

Our new secure Ecommerce web hosting also includes an SSL security certificate meaning that all communication sent to and from the server is encrypted, keeping your passwords and credit card details extra safe - as you would expect.

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