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News: Tiverton Canal Co's new website lands with a splash


News: Exciting New Website for Tiverton Canal CoThis past year has been so busy that we're struggling to keep our own website up to date. After all, it's far more important that we keep your's up to date!

A few months ago - back in June 2019 - we put the new Tiverton Canal website live and ... well, I'll let them tell you in their own words:

We are all excited at Tiverton Canal Co . . as today we launch our all-NEW website. . .

Listening to feedback, a lot of people wanted the site to work as well on a phone as it does on a PC.

Many also called or an easy-to-use Menu list (taking you straight to your destination).
As well as the new website focusing on the Horse-Drawn Barge, Ducks Ditty Bar, Boat Hire and Shop . . it has a very informative Links Page, Grand Western Canal page and Canal history page, Canal Maps, and lots of Pictures, Videos and Downloads.

We all very much hope that you enjoy our new website 😊 do please let us know what you think....

We would like to go on record and thank David from Doive Designs, who has been incredibly patient with us but has designed and built what we think is an incredible website that can be used easily but at the same time being fun and informative! . . David comes highly recommended . . .

See the new look website for yourselves at:



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