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News: Wedding Website for Marc and Tash


Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of being able to work with my sister-in-law, Tash, and her fiance Marc as they planned their wedding.

As the more perceptive of you may have realised, when I got married over 5 years ago now, I set up a wedding website allowing our guests to select items from our Wedding List and to choose songs for the disco (much to our DJ's disgust! - thanks again Dave!)

So when it came to creating a wedding website for their wedding, I didn't have to start from scratch. Their website uses a similar Wedding List system, meaning that family and friends can easily decide what to get them - preventing duplications and yet keeping the happy couple completely in the dark about what has been bought and what hasn't!

In addition, after the big day (which is now only about a month away) we will be switching off the gift list and adding a photo gallery!

If you're planning your Big Day and are looking for a website as a part of it, then give us a call on 07817 851856 or drop me an email to Whether you want a gift list that isn't tied to any specific retailer, a way for guests to suggest songs  - or even a method for people to RSVP? Give us a call. We can do a wedding website for as little as £249.

See the website for yourself here:

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