Who Are We?

David Burton, Web Developer at Doive Designs. Picture provided by Barrett & Coe CardiffDoive Designs exist to provide affordable high quality web design and development to charities, small businesses and churches.

A short history of Doive Designs

Established in 2005, Doive Designs is run by University of Glamorgan graduate, David Burton. He studied Internet Computing at the university before graduating with a 2:1 in the Summer of 2005.

The 3 year course helped to focus Dave's web development and design skills that had been used previously for personal projects including the running of websites for the University of Glamorgan's Christian Union and Radyr Baptist Church.

Following his graduation, Dave was approached by a number of contacts who required his services in setting up and rebranding their business websites.

In 2010, after Dave met the lady who would soon become his wife, he and the business moved from Cardiff, South Wales to Tiverton in Devon. Even with this move, the business has continued to grow and expand with an ever increasing number of clients in Wales, the South West, the rest of the UK and beyond.

Business Goals

The primary aim of the business is to provide quality websites for small businesses as well as to charities and churches.

A lot of church websites are of poor quality and contain out of date information. The result of which is that the website may as well not exist. Church websites are used increasingly by people moving into a new area, allowing them to find out what the church is about or by church members looking to find out dates or times for forthcoming events.

Small businesses are faced with a similar problem. A lot of customers expect businesses to have a website. If you don't have one, your business is effectively invisible to a growing number of potential customers. Our goal is to provide your business (including start ups) with a professional website at a price they can afford.

We are currently working on a new template based version of our CMS for those who want a website, but don't need a full website at present and with no monthly fees.

Charities, by their very definition, exist for the benefit of others. They don't want to be wasting money on expensive websites, but they cannot afford not to either. Our goal is to design a website that will help your cause.

At Doive Designs we believe that professional website design should be available to everybody. We exist to provide web solutions for those on a budget, without compromising on quality.

What does 'Doive' mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, Doive [Doy-v] is a version of 'the name Dave in lower class speak'. In french, it is a verb meaning "to have", but neither of these is our definition of the term.

The term Doive is a nickname by which Doive Designs founder, Dave Burton became known as whilst in school, college and subsequently at university.

In South Wales, the name David is very common (possibly due to connections with the Welsh Patron Saint) so getting the attention of the correct 'Dave' can be quite confusing.

So the nickname was used as a way of making Dave Burton easily distinguishable from the other Daves, a nickname that has stuck ever since.

In the same way, Doive Designs aim to be distinguishable from other website design and development companies by being honest, reliable and affordable.

Thanks to Barrett & Coe, Cardiff for taking and providing the picture used above.