Here are some examples of websites Doive Designs (aka Dave Burton) have built, some recent, some older. As you might expect, when we are busy we don't have time to update our portfolio of work, so our most recent website examples may not be here yet. However, you may find links to websites we have created recently on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

Find Car Washes


FindCarWashes.com is the brainchild of Harry Barrett who simply wanted to create a free service for people looking for their closest car wash. So, the website is a simple search facility for anyone looking for a car wash. Users can rate car washes and even leave comments for other visitors.

Find Car Washes is available not only on your laptop though, with reactive versions available for mobile phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes.

The website originally launched in the summer of 2014, but had a major rebranding in 2021 with the addition of the Business Portal which allows owners of car washes and mobile valeters to take ownership of their profile pages in order to keep the information up to date and authorise comments made by their customers.

The re-working of Find Car Washes.com has probably been the most ambitious project that we have worked on to date, including the integration of Google Adverts, Map with traffic and directions, Stripe payment gateway, photo Galleries and tabbed results. See the site for yourself and find your closest car wash today: www.findcarwashes.com

Blomfield Bespoke Furniture


Blomfield Bespoke Furniture are a small family business specialising in making one-off pieces of furniture to order, or complete room schemes in a variety of different timbers and finishes.

Whether it be a replica of a chair, a custom fitted wardrobe or kitchen, bespoke boardroom table or a modern piece for a contemporary interior, the quality of the work speaks for itself.

Peter Blomfield, a furniture maker and designer since 1977, approached us last Summer wanting to set up a new website following his relocation from Cornwall. The new website was to be relatively simple and to act simply as a way to showcase a portfolio of his works.

So we set about setting up a bespoke website to display his work using our in-house content management system (CMS) which makes it really simple to customise to his exact needs and removes any complications that the client doesn't need or want.

The new website went live early in 2021, delayed slightly by the second lockdown, but we're proud to list this in our portfolio of work. See the Blomfield Bespoke Furniture website for yourselves here: blomfieldbespokefurniture.com

Women Connect First


Women Connect First was established on 1 March 2001, St. David’s Day, to empower Black & Minority Ethnic Women in Cardiff and South East Wales by offering a range of services and training in order to improve their livelihoods and employability. The organisation has moved on since and has expanded its services.

It is their mission is to empower and improve the lives of disadvantaged BME women and communities in South Wales, to help them realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to Welsh society.

At Doive Designs, we have been working alongside Women Connect First for several years, initially simply helping them to update and maintain their current website. However, at around the time of the first national lockdown we agreed to work together to help re-design the website.

The new website, which still uses the incredibly popular Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) has a new customised theme using the charity's colourscheme and photos. The lockdown did slow down the re-launch which went live in March 2021 to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the charity.

Check out the website for yourselves here: https://womenconnectfirst.org.uk

St Barnabas with Christs' Church, Dulwich


St Barnabas with Christs' Church in Dulwich are a large and diverse group of people at different stages in their Christian pilgrimage. They are an active church with an aim to help people to develop their faith in Jesus, learn together how to live with respect for creation, to love God, to love and serve others, to seek justice and to resist evil.

St Barnabas’ church building is new, rebuilt in 1996, after the fire in 1992 which destroyed the original Victorian building. Their worship is enhanced by their large and brilliant choir directed by Music Director Christopher Woodward.

The new church website, though not specifically designed by Doive Designs, was converted from a Joomla website to a Wordpress one in the Autumn of 2020, and relaunched in December 2020. The conversion allows the team greater access to amend content using Wordpress' and an array of easy to use plugins.

Check out the new website here: https://www.stbarnabasdulwich.org

Hayat Ministries


Life Center Beirut is a Christian community center located in the heart of Bourj Hammoud, one of the poorest areas in Beirut, Lebanon. This 4000sqm facility serves as a church for many congregations of different nationalities: Lebanese, Armenian, Ethiopian, Sri Lankan, and Filipino. Through its various programs, it provides schooling, relief, food, clothing and shelter to the most needy in the community.

Hayat Ministries is a registered UK charity which exists to help support the Life Center in Beirut and we have had the privilege to work with them over the past few years to re-develop their old Joomla website and migrate it over to Wordpress. We also helped to bring it up to date and to give it a new look. Here's what they said about us on TrustPilot:

Highly recommended web developer

Dave has done work for the charity I run for several years now, first on a Joomla website, and more recently as we transitioned to WordPress. He's always been very helpful and "knows his stuff", which of course is what you want! I highly recommend him.

Check out the Hayat Ministries website at: www.hayatministries.org

Halberton Court Farm Shop


Back in 2019, when the term furlough was an obscure legal term and when we all used to go out shopping without worrying too much about keeping our distance, we were approached by Halberton Court Farm Shop, based not too far from Tiverton, to create them a website.

Originally a successful farm, then local produce selling via an honest box at the end of the road, it soon became clear that there was the need for a local farm shop in the village of Halberton. The business has since expanded, with a new larger shop, offering an extended range of products, and a cafe on the site of the original shop. 

Today Halberton Court Farm Shop is so much more. There is the hugely popular and well established Pick Your Own Farm and the Swan's Neck Cafe. The vegetables grown on the farm are now sold exclusively at the Farm Shop with a wide range of locally sourced fruit, meat, dairy produce and other grocery items also available. The building had a face lift at the start of 2020, expanding the product range still further, and bringing the butchers and cafe into family ownership for the first time. 

They were also then bombarded with customers asking whether they had a website, enter Doive Designs. Development of the bespoke website was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept the Farm shop busy delivering fresh local produce to homes for the first time, but by July the website was ready to open to the public.

Whilst not an e-commerce website, the website does have quite and array of photographs covering almost all of the products that are on offer in the shop and means for the company to be contacted about products that are available.

Plymstock Inn


Before Covid, we were approached by an existing client to create a new website for an Inn they were taking over the management for.

The Plymstock Inn in Plymstock near Plymouth in South Devon, is a modern, family and dog friendly pub with traditional values situated in the very heart of Plymstock. Whether you’re catching up with friends, popping out for food or even planning a special family occasion, The Plymstock is probably the place for you.

The new business website uses the universally popular Wordpress content management system which means that it is simple and easy to update. The relaunch of the website in 2020 was delayed slightly by the lockdown but was launched upon the loosening of restrictions in the Summer of 2020. Check out the website for yourself here: www.plymstockinn.co.uk

Hebron Hall


Hebron Hall is a Christian retreat centre in Dinas Powys, near Cardiff and Barry in South Wales. With 7.5 acre grounds, a swimming pool, sports hall, tennis courts and conference facilities, this is a perfect place for a weekend away. The site has been under our charge since the start of 2008 and was initially relaunched early in 2009. Since then the website has been redeveloped three times with major new versions in 2012, 2016 and 2020. In the most recent incarnation the website has become much more simplified, with big scrolling photos and is of course, still mobile and tablet friendly.

5th Tiverton Guides


At Doive Web Design we love doing work for good causes, so when we had the opportunity to work on a website for a Tiverton Girl Guide Unit, we jumped at the chance (of course, it helps that the unit is run by Dave's wife).

The website for the 5th Tiverton Guides is largely members only, so the general public only have access to very limited resources, as you might expect since child protection is involved.

Within the members only section, however, the guides and their parents/guardians have access to resources, photos from past events and badgework.

As with a lot of our websites, this one is totally bespoke with some new systems created especially for the guides. Over time we also hope to add a forum section and other resources for the girls to use. The members only section was especially useful during the 2020 UK lockdown which involved a "camp at home" badge.

You can see the Guides website for yourselves here: www.5thtivertonguides.co.uk (though there isn't that much to see publicly as I mentioned).

Hope Church, Cadoxton


Hope Church, Cadoxton (formerly Cadoxton Methodist Church) are a lively and active church based in Cadoxton, near Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan. They have members of all ages from babies to people in their 90s. Running regular meetings for such a diverse group of people means that they are a really busy church, so their site needed to reflect that. They are a modern congregation and as such they wanted a modern looking site, a site which they needed to be able to access themselves. So the site is based upon our bespoke content management system and went live on 1st July 2011.

Update: We originally built the website back in 2011, redeveloped the website in 2015 to make it mobile friendly and then again in January 2020 when the church formerly changed their name making the site fully mobile friendly and giving it a new look. www.cadoxton.org.uk

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