Charity Portfolio

Here are some examples of charity websites Doive Designs (aka Dave Burton) have built, some recent, some older. As you might expect, when we are busy we don't have time to update our portfolio of work, so our most recent website examples may not be here yet. However, you may find links to websites we have created recently on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

Women Connect First


Women Connect First was established on 1 March 2001, St. David’s Day, to empower Black & Minority Ethnic Women in Cardiff and South East Wales by offering a range of services and training in order to improve their livelihoods and employability. The organisation has moved on since and has expanded its services.

It is their mission is to empower and improve the lives of disadvantaged BME women and communities in South Wales, to help them realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to Welsh society.

At Doive Designs, we have been working alongside Women Connect First for several years, initially simply helping them to update and maintain their current website. However, at around the time of the first national lockdown we agreed to work together to help re-design the website.

The new website, which still uses the incredibly popular Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) has a new customised theme using the charity's colourscheme and photos. The lockdown did slow down the re-launch which went live in March 2021 to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the charity.

Check out the website for yourselves here:

Hayat Ministries


Life Center Beirut is a Christian community center located in the heart of Bourj Hammoud, one of the poorest areas in Beirut, Lebanon. This 4000sqm facility serves as a church for many congregations of different nationalities: Lebanese, Armenian, Ethiopian, Sri Lankan, and Filipino. Through its various programs, it provides schooling, relief, food, clothing and shelter to the most needy in the community.

Hayat Ministries is a registered UK charity which exists to help support the Life Center in Beirut and we have had the privilege to work with them over the past few years to re-develop their old Joomla website and migrate it over to Wordpress. We also helped to bring it up to date and to give it a new look. Here's what they said about us on TrustPilot:

Highly recommended web developer

Dave has done work for the charity I run for several years now, first on a Joomla website, and more recently as we transitioned to WordPress. He's always been very helpful and "knows his stuff", which of course is what you want! I highly recommend him.

Check out the Hayat Ministries website at:

Hebron Hall


Hebron Hall is a Christian retreat centre in Dinas Powys, near Cardiff and Barry in South Wales. With 7.5 acre grounds, a swimming pool, sports hall, tennis courts and conference facilities, this is a perfect place for a weekend away. The site has been under our charge since the start of 2008 and was initially relaunched early in 2009. Since then the website has been redeveloped three times with major new versions in 2012, 2016 and 2020. In the most recent incarnation the website has become much more simplified, with big scrolling photos and is of course, still mobile and tablet friendly.

5th Tiverton Guides


At Doive Web Design we love doing work for good causes, so when we had the opportunity to work on a website for a Tiverton Girl Guide Unit, we jumped at the chance (of course, it helps that the unit is run by Dave's wife).

The website for the 5th Tiverton Guides is largely members only, so the general public only have access to very limited resources, as you might expect since child protection is involved.

Within the members only section, however, the guides and their parents/guardians have access to resources, photos from past events and badgework.

As with a lot of our websites, this one is totally bespoke with some new systems created especially for the guides. Over time we also hope to add a forum section and other resources for the girls to use. The members only section was especially useful during the 2020 UK lockdown which involved a "camp at home" badge.

You can see the Guides website for yourselves here: (though there isn't that much to see publicly as I mentioned).



Gweini represent the Christian Voluntary Sector in Wales. We have been working with Gweini since 2008. Their site has been redeveloped several times since then. In 2009, the bilingual website was redeveloped to use the popular Joomla content management system but with some tweaks. In 2015, the site had another revamp, moving over to a bespoke content management system and becoming mobile friendly for the first time. We continue to develop and update the website on their behalf.

ASK Network International


After developing the ASK Network UK website, we were asked to re-develop the international website too. ASK Network is a gathering place for people of all ages and all nationalities who desire to impact the world through prayer in a focused, Bible-based and powerful way. So back in 2014 we set up the current website which is based on our in house CMS.

ASK Network UK


ASK Network UK is part of an international network of people called and committed to intercession and intervention -- that’s to say asking and acting, praying and going. The site originally used popular content management system Joomla when it was launched in September 2010. Since then we have upgraded it to use our in-house CMS.

Christian Tickets


ChristianTickets is a new booking site for Christian concerts, events and festivals. The site allows promoters to log in to add or edit gigs or tour dates and sell them online at the cost of a small booking fee. The site was launched in the Spring of 2010 for the launch of the 2010 David Phelps Tour. The site is due to be relaunched in 2016.

Gateway Ministries Ignite India


Based in Hyderabad and Rajahmundry in India, Gateway Ministries is a charity run by Pastor Prassad, who is passionate about his country. Partnering with South Wales based organisation, Ignite, they have built eight church buildings for congregations that previously had nowhere to meet. A school is also already under construction for one of the villages. We originally built the site ins 2008, but the site was relaunched in 2016, using the latest version of our bespoke Content Management System.

Standard Issue


Standard Issue is a series of devotionals created by Cardiff's Dai Hankey as an aid for new Christians. In Dai's now characteristic black and white style, the site keeps it simple whilst also being as street as possible. This site is the most standards compliant as I have ever achieved. Launched in January 2008