Simple Business Website

Our Simple Business Website package is perfect for tradesmen and new start up businesses because it includes everything you'll need to get your organisation started online, including:

Website Hosting and email

Web hosting is an essential part of having a website. Your website is effectively a group of files held on a computer known as a server. A server allows anyone anywhere to view your website files. So in the same way that if you ran a shop on the high street you'd be paying rent, you pay rent on a website server - or website hosting.

Fasthosts are one of the most reliable companies that host websites and we are proud to be able to provide their professional hosting services at an affordable rate.

Domain Name

This is the "" bit. Chosing your website address is an important decision as you want it to be short but, more importantly, it should be easy to remember and accurate to what you sell, and preferably include terms that you expect your customer to be searching for.

The price of domain names varies but it's usually no more than £13.50 for a year. We include the cost of a domain name (up to the cost of £13.50 a year) into our basic packages.

If you haven't already got a domain name, you can check to see whether your domain name is available, here.

Graphic Design and Web Development

All websites require a certain amount of graphic design and we have it covered. We will discuss with you, what you are looking for from your website; what you need; what would be nice and any concepts you may already have in mind.

If you already have a website, a logo, promotional materials, designs (or even sketches on a beer-mat!) we can create a website based on these. All of our websites are custom made and your input is essential throughout the design process.

Working closely with you throughout means that we'll come up with designs that meet both your needs and those of your customers. We then take these designs and make them into a simple static website which meets all the applicable website and accessibility standards.

Contact Form

This is optional, but often having a form that your customers can contact through encourages them to do so. Don't have an e-mail address? Unlimited standard E-mail addresses or forwarders come free with the Fasthosts web hosting package.

Simple animation affects

It's nice to catch peoples attention and that's why we include simple image rollovers, menus and basic animation, optionally, within the basic package. An image rollover is where the image (which is often a part of the menu) changes when you hover over it.

A drop down menu is (like the one we have on this website) where more menu options appear when you move the mouse over it.

We are also able to offer other simple animations like moving banners and carousels using the Jquery and Javascript scripting languages.

Mobile and Tablet Versions

The world has gone mobile, so all websites now needs to be compatible with an array of mobile phones, tablets and phablets - as well as the usual PC browsers. This is now offered as standard on all new website builds.

All of these items are included as a part of our basic package, including up to 10-15 pages, which starts at just £499. We believe everyone is entitled to a good quality website. Discounts are available for small businesses and charities.