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Bespoke Websites

If you are looking for a website, you will want one that:

  • Stands out from your competitors,
  • Looks Professional,
  • Is easy to navigate,
  • Is both quick and simple to update,
  • and meets your unique requirements

What about website Templates?

A lot of website development companies rely exclusively on "off the shelf" content management systems like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.

However good these systems can be, they don't suit everyone's needs with admin systems that can over-complicate matters for what should be a very simple website.

For some of our clients we would certainly recommend these well established packages, but we are able to offer another alternative which can be quickly and easily customised to meet your exact needs.

So how does it work? Below we explain how the cost of your bespoke website will be calculated and what options are available to you.

Bespoke Websites: A Pizza Metaphor

In some pizza restaurants, there are 2 options. You can order a pre-set pizza off the menu or you can choose the base and toppings for yourself.

Bespoke website design is very similar to this pizza metaphor, with the central part of the site being the base and the extra options being the toppings.

`The Base`

Like at a pizza place, you can choose what you want on your website. Starting with either the "Simple Static HTML Website" or an "Content Management System (CMS)" website packages as a base. On top of this base you then add the toppings.

All new website builds are now mobile and tablet friendly (reactive) as standard.


Each extra `topping` costs around £200. Some extra features will cost a little more depending on the requirements of your business, so even the toppings themselves can be customised.

Some of the below options require a our Advanced Website Hosting package, so they are only available with the CMS package base for this reason.

Features (or Toppings) can include, but are not limited to:

  • Extra Pages - We don't usually charge by the page, but for static websites with more than 25 pages an extra charge may be required;
  • Feedback Forms - Make it easy for customers to get in contact with you using your website - a simple contact form is usually included in the base price;
  • Multi-lingual website systems* - Effortlessly manage multi-language websites (including English/Welsh websites) and allow users to toggle between versions;
  • Photo Galleries - A grid of photos with a larger version opening when you click on the image;
  • Dynamic Photo Galleries* - Using the "Easy to Update" CMS system you are able to easily add, update and remove both pictures and photo albums on your site. This can also include a photo slideshow;
  • Members Area* - Allow your members to sign up, log in, view and optionally post content on your site. This includes full user administration;
  • Dynamic News* - Using the admin area you will be able to add, edit, remove and optionally even re-order news articles on your website. This can also include RSS feeds, categories, keywords and a keyword search facility;
  • Dynamic Events / Calendar* - An online calendar which automatically hides events once they have passed, or until you want them to go live. This can be integrated with the booking system mentioned below;
  • Booking Systems - Allow your customers to book for events, conferences or festivals online; This can be integrated with PayPal, Google Checkout or SagePay.
  • Dynamic Notices* - Show an announcement or a notice throughout your site (or in chosen locations) for a specified period of time. Specify the time and date the announcement will appear;
  • Mailing Lists* - Allow your customers to subscribe/unsubscribe to a newsletter through your site, then download an Excel spreadsheet with the list in when you need to send it;
  • Drop Down Menus - Dynamic menus which appear as a drop down list when the user hovers the mouseover. Simple drop down menus are usually included in the base price. However, the menus can be optionally linked to the CMS system allowing you to add, remove or re-order the links;
  • Scrolling Banners, Carousels andSimple Animations  - Using Javascript and the JQuery library we are able to offer an ever increasing number of animation effects which are both accessible and do not require Flash. We are able to offer some Flash animation - but extra charges apply;
  • Product Catalogues - For static websites we can provide a fixed number of product pages and category index pages. On CMS websites you are able to add, edit or remove both products and category indexes.
  • Shopping Carts - Turn your product catalogue into an online shop using our shopping cart system which can be quickly and easily linked with PayPal, Google Checkout or SagePay. Allow users to add or remove products from their shopping cart, pay online and optionally send an automated confirmation email. This system can also be used to update stock levels.
  • Audio, Video and Podcasting - Upload and embed audio or video files into your website and (optionally) allow users to subscribe to them as a podcast. Video streaming options are also available using subscription based or sponsored online providers.
  • Advanced Email - For an extra £15 a year per mail box, we can provide you with a bigger and better exchange email account which provides up to 1GB space, enhanced spam filtering and roaming SMTP. Email can be set up on your computer or using webmail.
  • Secure Hosting - If you need to take in personal or private information from your customers we are able to provide secure hosting for your website.
  • Apps - We have done some limited mobile / tablet apps for clients in the past, so this service is something we are able to provide if required. Costs will vary considerably depending on the complexity of the app.

*Only available on the "Easy to update websites (CMS)" base.

Discounts are available for Small Businesses, Charities and Churches.

Would you like to know more?

The above options simply cover some of the more common systems used on websites. In the past we have provided systems for recruitment sites, high street retailers, churches, conference centres and many others.

If what you are looking for isn't listed here, please contact us today to discuss your requirements on 07817 851856 or email: for a free quote.


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