Articles: Domain Names set to boom in 2014

Articles: Domain Names set to boom in 2014

Date Added: 03/01/2014 @ 10:49am

New Domain NamesAs we welcome in the New Year, dust off our computers and prepare for what may be another exciting year for Doive Designs, we thought that we should let you know about some of the exciting changes coming up.

Early this year (2014) the world of domain names is changing and opening up hundreds of new domain extensions like:

  • .London
  • .Wales
  • .Scot
  • .Football
  • .Shop
  • .Ltd
  • .Website
  • and many many more...

So what does this mean for you? Well, it could be a really good thing as you may be able to get a really relevant and potentially shorter domain name for your company. It could also mean that you can get a domain name that matches your company exactly, especially for a limited company who could now simply have!

Of course, the new roll out of domain names could potentially have the opposite effect, especially if someone grabs a domain name similar to your existing one. Many companies will want to register the new variants on their own existing domain name to stop this from happening, but that comes at a cost and where do you draw the line?

The costs of domain names vairy, but as most of the new domains are "international" or "top level" domains, it's likely that the costs will be around £15 a year. While this is hardly a massive expense, the cost of registering all of the 100 or so domains that match your domain would certainly add up.

However, previous roll outs including the addition of .mobi and .biz have failed to cause much of a stir with the more traditional .com and still taking the biggest share of traffic. Only time will tell which of the new domains are worth registering and when.

Probably the most used new domains will be those which, for the first time, recognise the uk's nations like Wales and Scotland and trendy terms like .app which are likely be snapped up.

So, what should you do next?

If you are interested in any of the new domain names then you should make a list of any domain names you may wish to register.

Companies and individuals who have similar domain names will be given priority over the new domains, so don't expect that you'll be able to nab or anything like that!

Let us know which domains you've chosen and we'll get a formal watch list submitted on your behalf. Then we'll contact you as soon as we have any new information and secure them as soon as we are able to.

Give us a call on 07817 851856 or email for more information.

Find out more about registering domain names here...

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