Articles: Emerges as Wildfires

Articles: Emerges as Wildfires

Date Added: 30/01/2008 @ 10:48am

We recently did what turned into quite a mammoth task for a then South Wales based apostolic Christian organisation called "Emerge Wales".

During the construction of the site, we created a completely new content management system specifically for their project's unique needs and this was no small job, I can assure you. The system, although admittedly still a work in progress, allows the user to update almost every aspect of the site quickly and easily.

This includes adding pictures, reformatting text, adding news, pages, events, upload small audio and video files and even changing the appearance of the site (including the page heading). The site went live about 2 weeks ago, but the official launch is likely to be in the coming weeks. See it for yourself at:

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