Faqs: What Kind Of Website Do I Need?

Faqs: What Kind Of Website Do I Need?

Date Added: 26/05/2017 @ 12:40pm

If you are thinking of setting up a website you will need to think about several factors before you set up the site. Some of the questions you will need to consider are outlined below:

What is the goal of your website?

What do you want your website to achieve? Are you looking to increase sales or to raise awareness? Are you aiming to enhance your customer's experience by providing better after-sales care? Is your website one that you want customers to return to again and again, or is it something that people are likely to only need once?

Whatever else you want your website to do, make sure that your main aim remains clear.

Who is your website for?

Who will actually use your website? Is your website going to be for existing members or is this open to the general public? If it is for customers, who are your customers? Will they understand what you are selling and will they know where to find it?

If you are aiming for the general public, will they understand technical jargon or internal project names? Will your intended users be using an old PC or an iPhone? Make sure you know who your intended audience is before you start.

How often will the website need to be updated?

Finding out of date information can really frustrate a website user, so making sure your website is up to date is crucial to its success.

Some websites will have content which will stay relevant for decades, others will become out of date in a matter of minutes, so knowing which type of website yours will be is something you will need to work out early on.

We offer two main types of websites: Static websites and Content Management websites.

Static HTML

A static website is best suited for an orgnisation where the content is likely to remain the same for long periods of time and where additions or removals of information are an annual or bi-annual occurence.

If you have an understanding of HTML you can update this kind of website yourself, but for most clients updates will require the use of a web developer.

Updates to this kind of website are usually done with either a one-off fee, or as a part of a regular maintenance contract.

Read more about our Static website package...

Content Management

A content managed website, on the other hand, is best suited to organisations where the content is either changing frequently or where access to update the website is required by the organisation or its members. This would include most e-commerce websites.

Content Management Systems (or CMS) typically cost a little more to set up and for website hosting, but are more cost effective when compared to the cost of employing a web designer to do the updates on your behalf. They also give you the freedom to make changes at any time.

You may have heard of CMS systems like Wordpress or Joomla, which are powerful ready made website packages - and certainly ones that a lot of people will use. We can also produce bespoke CMS packages which in many ways are much simpler to customise and our customers find them much less confusing to learn.

You can find out more about Content Management Systems we work with, here.

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