Articles: First place on Google may not always be enough

Articles: First place on Google may not always be enough

Date Added: 13/03/2014 @ 9:44am

GoogleThere are a lot of companies out there which will tell you how important your search engine ranking is and while there is some truth to this, it's not that straight forward.

Business Name Searches

Firstly, it's relatively easy to get your business highly ranked for the name of your company, unless your company is unfortunate enough to have a company name that is similar to that of a pre-existing one.

This is good news for any well established company that is entering into the internet for the first time as anyone that knows your business may search for you by name, but what if nobody knows you?

Low Traffic Searches

It can be quite simple to get your website to show up high in searches for overly specific keywords which usually have a low amount of traffic. The problem is that this will bring you no real benefit as if no-one searches for these terms then nobody will find your website.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you offer a very unique product or service, one click may be all you need, but for most this will not be the case.

Some companies will guarantee you a top ranking, but it may well be with a low traffic or business name instead of a useful one.

Google provide a free resource as a part of their Adword tools which can help to determine which searches have a lot of traffic.

Per Keyword

The way Google works is that every page is given a ranking which is contantly assessed. The ranking is based on incoming links, outgoing links and of course, the content of the page itself. The keywords that should be used when looking at SEO will differ from page to page. A page about cooking should have cooking related keywords, where as a page about cleaning (for example) would have completely different keywords.

Most companies offering SEO will charge a fee based on a number of keywords. Of course, the cost of doing SEO on every page on your website will, therefore start to add up.


While it is certainly worth investing in SEO for your website, it is also important that you are aware of how it works. You shouldn't expecting a significant increase in hits on your website just because you are 1st on Google for a specific keyword. Keywords and phrases need to be chosen carefully, since a relevant keyword is crucial to SEO success.

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