Articles: Gateway Opens

Articles: Gateway Opens

Date Added: 17/05/2008 @ 4:20pm

India based ministry, Gateway Ministries, have teamed up with South Wales based Ignite / Big Ideas to launch a new site. Gateway ministries are based in Hyderbad and Rajahmundry and have been responsible for the building of many churches as well as training pastors from the region.

When Ignite realised just how little it actually costs to build a church in the region, and yet how the people still couldn't afford to build them, decided to sponsor the construction of a church. 8 churches and one school later, with many more under way and the support from US Rock Band, Third Day, the ministry is going strong.

The site itself is relatively simple. It utilises our brand new Content Management System, which is now even easier to update using a plug in that allows rich text editing. This means that the site can be easily maintained by the team in India from any computer with Internet Access. A demo version of the system is under construction.

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