Blogs: Go Independent on Un-chained!

Blogs: Go Independent on Un-chained!

Date Added: 09/09/2019 @ 2:33pm

One of the many projects we've been developing over the past year or so is a new tool for Independent Local Businesses that we have called "Un-chained".

So, what is Un-chained?

Un-chained is a platform that allows customers to find an independent business close to them. Whether that's an independent coffee shop, restaurant, decorator or a financial advisor... we're here for you.

How do I get on Un-chained?

If you're an independent small business, which we define as any business that is privately owned and does not have more than 5 stores (or locations), then you can sign up for free at:

What will it cost me?

We're currently getting started, so we need as many independents as possible to sign up, so it is free. You heard us right... free.

Over time we'll develop the website to add more advanced features, but the basic profile page and listing will remain free for the forseeable future, and if you sign up now you'll get an advanced listing for free forever as a thank you.

So what are you waiting for? Add your business to today!

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