News: Halberton Court Farmshop Website

News: Halberton Court Farmshop Website

Date Added: 28/08/2020 @ 10:14am

Halberton Court Farm ShopBack in 2019, when the term furlough was an obscure legal term and when we all used to go out shopping without worrying too much about keeping our distance, we (Doive Web Design) were approached by Halberton Court Farm Shop, based not too far from Tiverton, to create them a website.

Originally a successful farm, then local produce selling via an honest box at the end of the road, it soon became clear that there was the need for a local farm shop in the village of Halberton. The business has since expanded, with a new larger shop, offering an extended range of products, and a cafe on the site of the original shop. 

Today Halberton Court Farm Shop is so much more. There is the hugely popular and well established Pick Your Own Farm and the Swan's Neck Cafe. The vegetables grown on the farm are now sold exclusively at the Farm Shop with a wide range of locally sourced fruit, meat, dairy produce and other grocery items also available. The building had a face lift at the start of 2020, expanding the product range still further, and bringing the butchers and cafe into family ownership for the first time. 

They were also then bombarded with customers asking whether they had a website, enter Doive Designs. Development of the bespoke website was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept the Farm shop busy delivering fresh local produce to homes for the first time, but by July the website was ready to open to the public.

Whilst not an e-commerce website, the website does have quite and array of photographs covering almost all of the products that are on offer in the shop and means for the company to be contacted about products that are available.

Check out the Halberton Court Farm Shop website here...

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