Articles: Ignite India gets a makeover

Articles: Ignite India gets a makeover

Date Added: 04/07/2016 @ 2:52pm

Gateway Ministries - Ignite India Website PreviewSince 2005, we along with Ignite (now Message Wales) have been supporting Gateway Ministries in Rajahmundry, India aka Ignite India.

Gateway Ministry is based in Andhra Pradesh and was formed by Rev. V.S.C. Prasad. Pastor Prasad has developed a Christ-centred and Spirit-filled ministry in evangelism, church planting, pastors training, and outreach to the poor and needy in the villages around the city of Rajahmundry.

Since partnering in 2005 and under the leadership of Pastor Nigel James and Pastor Gary Smith Between them they have developed the Ignite India churches programme and the Ignite India youth programme.

It had been a long while since we had done any major work on the Ignite India website though, until this year that is. The website has just had a major overhaul making it even easier for the team to update all aspects including the photo galleries and news which get updated every few months.

But not only that, the website is now also mobile, tablet (and phablet) friendly. Meaning that the growing number of people that browse the internet almost entirely on their phones have a better viewing experience. Ignite India is just another example of how we are working with charities to provide them with good quality websites.

Check out the site for yourself here:

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