Articles: Livesound goes Live

Articles: Livesound goes Live

Date Added: 20/09/2007 @ 10:35am

We are proud to announce that the new Live Sound Services website is now up and running. Due to the nature of the company's work we decided that a simple database driven news and gallery system would work well. The system allows him to upload pictures to his site wherever he may be, which means that theoretically he could have pictures of an event online before the event is over.

Livesound Services director, Mr David Lyle, provides low cost, high quality sound, staging, AV and lighting for any event. No matter how big or small. Having established themselves as having endurance, hosting gigs for US bands like ThirdDay, Switchfoot and Rebecca St. James, they have also scored a number of contracts with local bands, charities and institutions.

We are proud to be able to support LiveSound Services with this new "easy to update" site. If you'd like to know more about this kind of site. Please give us a call today on 07817 851856.

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