Articles: Looking for a Car Wash?

Articles: Looking for a Car Wash?

Date Added: 21/08/2014 @ 2:44pm

Find Car WashesOne of the great things about being a website developer is working on new projects and on new technologies. One of our most recent website projects has been one where we developed a car wash directory system.

The new website 'Find Car Washes' enables a user to do exactly what the name suggests, 'find car washes' near them. While the premise may sound simple, the challenge of creating a bespoke search system is not a simple one, but I think that we've pulled it off nicely here.

Harry Barrett, the entepreneur who runs the new website, wanted a way to quickly and easily find a car wash near his current location. We've spent a little extra time making sure that the reactive mobile version of the website is easy to use and works on phones of various sizes.

We're increasingly being asked to add mobile friendly versions to the websites we develop. While all of our older websites should work on most mobile browsers, they do require a degree of zooming which can become irritating to the user. This is why we now recommend spending a little extra to get a streamlined version of the website working alongside the full desktop one.

The great thing about these new mobile versions is that by building a reactive website, the same content that is used on the full version can also be utilised on the mobile one because it is, in actuality, the same website just restyled for a smaller screen.

As you'll see on, the mobile friendly interface is just that - friendly. More information about how reactive mobile and tablet websites work will appear on our website shortly. We've been working on many of our existing websites over the past year to make them mobile friendly and to meet current website standards.

PS. We are also currently working on a mobile app for the Find Car Washes website on iPhone, iPad, Android or WindowsPhone. Details of options and pricing for apps will also follow shortly here on the website, but in the meantime, please give us a call if you'd like to discuss this.

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