News: New website for St Barnabas Church

News: New website for St Barnabas Church

Date Added: 01/12/2020 @ 8:10am

Over the past year, despite the pandemic, we have been working hard on a number of projects. In some instances the break from the normal pace of life has allowed some organisations time to work through their to-do lists, including St Barnabas in Dulwich.

St Barnabas with Christs' Church in Dulwich are a large and diverse group of people at different stages in their Christian pilgrimage. They are an active church with an aim to help people to develop their faith in Jesus, learn together how to live with respect for creation, to love God, to love and serve others, to seek justice and to resist evil.

St Barnabas’ church building is new, rebuilt in 1996, after the fire in 1992 which destroyed the original Victorian building. Their worship is enhanced by their large and brilliant choir directed by Music Director Christopher Woodward.

The new church website, though not specifically designed by Doive Designs, was converted from a Joomla website to a Wordpress one in the Autumn of 2020, and relaunched in December 2020. The conversion allows the team greater access to amend content using Wordpress' and an array of easy to use plugins.

Check out the new website here:

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