Articles: Not My Crime, Still My Sentence

Articles: Not My Crime, Still My Sentence

Date Added: 19/06/2015 @ 10:35am

Not My Crime, Still My Sentence 2015This month we are proud to have been involved with Children Of Prisoners Europe (COPE)'s annual "Not My Crime, Still My Sentence" campaign site which went live at the start of June 2015.

Children with imprisoned parents are ordinary children facing unusual life circumstances. Like any other group of children, children separated from a parent in prison experience many different emotions; some even contradictory to those which other children in similar positions may be feeling.

If you haven't yet signed up your support of this very worthy campaign, you can do so at:

The new website which uses a customised Wordpress theme was designed with the help of South Wales designer Jeff Patreane (Caffeine Creative) and came together in almost record time. If you represent a charity and are looking for something similar, please get in contact and we'll see what we can achieve together.

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