Date Added: 30/01/2008 @ 11:00am

When I was approached by Gary Smith and Trevor King with this opportunity, I was thrilled. Third Day are a big Christian Rock band from the states. Their music has won them awards in both the secular and Christian music industries - which are both massive the other side of the pond.

Although not the Official site for the band, the is still a massively high profile one. The site, which has it's own forum and shop facility (using Google Checkout to process the financial details securely), went live on Monday and will begin trading shortly.

From a technical point of view, this site uses a content management system developed for another site but customised to meet the exact needs of the client. Such customisations include the addition of the dynamic Gallery, shop and forum systems.

The site uses the popular open source PHPBB Forum but customised to fit the style of the rest of the site. Visit to see this for yourself. We are currently in negotiation regarding two other high profile sites of this kind which would be launched later this year.

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