News: Tiverton Guides get a new website

News: Tiverton Guides get a new website

Date Added: 15/07/2020 @ 2:28pm

5th Tiverton Guides Website previewAt Doive Web Design we love doing work for good causes, so when we had the opportunity to work on a website for a Tiverton Girl Guide Unit, we jumped at the chance (of course, it helps that the unit is run by Dave's wife).

The website for the 5th Tiverton Guides is largely members only, so the general public only have access to very limited resources, as you might expect since child protection is involved.

Within the members only section, however, the guides and their parents/guardians have access to resources, photos from past events and badgework.

As with a lot of our websites, this one is totally bespoke with some new systems created especially for the guides. Over time we also hope to add a forum section and other resources for the girls to use. The members only section was especially useful during the 2020 UK lockdown which involved a "camp at home" badge.

You can see the Guides website for yourselves here: (though there isn't that much to see publicly as I mentioned).

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