News: Web Maintenance for Wordpress and Joomla websites

News: Web Maintenance for Wordpress and Joomla websites

Date Added: 02/07/2020 @ 3:10pm

Increasingly we are getting enquiries from customers with existing Wordpress or Joomla websites requesting support in keeping them up to date and backed up.

So we have put together some simple options for you:

  • Quarterly updates - For low maintenance websites with only small changes made, it may only be necessary to back up quarterly and to run updates to plugins and templates sporadically. This would cover a maximum of 2 hours a quarter and would be paid in advance and cost from £40 a quarter.
  • Monthly updates - For most websites, where content is updated regularly, we would recommend running updates and back ups at least once a month. This contract would cover up to 4 hours a month (including updating content and photos) and cost £50 a month.
  • Weekly updates - Some websites, including e-commerce websites, you may need updates carried out on a weekly basis. This means that in the event of hacking you have a back up at worst a week old and all plugins are up to date helping to prevent future hacks. This kind of contract would start from around £80 a month (including content and photos), covering up to 8 hours a month.

The following packages are an example. We would need to tailor the package to yourselves.

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