Articles: Why Blog?

Articles: Why Blog?

Date Added: 25/06/2013 @ 11:14am

BlogIn this article, we'll be discussing why you why blogging can be beneficial to your website.

1. Blogs are regularly updated

The first reason why having a blog can be beneficial to your website is because blogs are updated regularly. After all, a blog (or web log) is effectively an online journal or diary, so the content is generally up to date and topical.

What should I write about?

The key to a good blog is to write about what you have a passion for. So if you have a passion for pets, then write about your pets. If you have a passion for trains, write about trains. If you're like me and web design and development is your thing, then clearly you should write about that.

Don't be afraid to promote your own business or website, but remember that if your blog just sounds like a feature length advert, then people are unlikely to subscribe.

2. Blogs are Public

While your blog may never be a global sensation, it does happen. So, you should remember that whatever you write can be read by everyone - including your boss, customers and family.

There are plenty of stories about people who have posted blogs (or comments on blogs) and it has later come back to haunt them, so while you can say whatever you like, make sure you're ready for the consequences of your words.

But if you use your blog correctly it can be immensely useful in showing your customers who you are and reassure them that you or your company are one they can trust.

3. Genuine Feedback

Most blogs enable their readers to post comments and this can be really useful - even if the feedback is negative. After all, if you are seen to competently deal with criticism on your blog without resorting to childish retaliation then you show that you are both professional and friendly.

You can't please everyone, but a positive comment from a real customer is like gold dust, so any means by which you can get these comments is beneficial.

As anyone who has used tripadvisor can tell you, some people will always be out to criticise and it's the positive comments that probably help customers more than the overly critical negative ones.

4. The Links Effect

Lastly then, you have to remember the importance of links to your website - especially ones from highly popular and therefore influential websites. Wordpress is one of these highly influential websites so a link from them is akin to to a business referral from a celebrity.

However, in order to make your links count they need to be relevant and your blog needs to be captivating. A self serving blog is obvious and will not be one that people want to link to or share. You should stay on message, but don't just stuff your blog with keywords.

As Google themselves advise: Don't create websites (or blogs) for search engines, create them for people. If you get that right, the search rankings will follow.

5. Dilution

However, I have to mention that the best blogs will be ones on your own website. Why? If you have both a blog and a website you may risk diluting your share of the hits and actually push yourself further down the search rankings. Just the opposite affect you were looking for.


So, in conclusion, get yourself a blog, update it regularly, write about your passions and make sure you link back to your website. Don't just stuff your blog with keywords and be real.

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