Articles: Women take more tablets than men...

Articles: Women take more tablets than men...

Date Added: 01/08/2013 @ 4:52pm

Tablet PCs in a handbagA couple of years ago, this article would have been about pharmaceuticals but I doubt that there is a single person reading this who thought that for a second and for good reason.

The news today is that 52% of tablet computers in the UK are now owned by women, which just 12 months ago wasn’t the case. So why have people started moving towards tablet computers and is it just a fad?

I believe that the main reason that people are moving towards tablets is for ease. While mobile use of the internet is incredibly popular, there is something that is still inconvenient about it and that’s the small size of the screen. The tablet offers a compromise between the touch screen nature of a phone and the size and computing power offered by a laptop.

In fact, the rise of the tablet has meant a fall in the sale of PCs already as another news article revealed this week and this, as you’d imagine, will have an impact on web design.

As I mentioned, the size of the screen is the main difference between mobile and tablet computing. While screens on laptops are getting increasingly large, mobile computing takes us back to the bad old days where screen size was very limited indeed.

The solution, thankfully, is already out there though it does mean quite a bit of extra work for web developers like myself. Responsive web design means creating websites that view differently on different screen sizes and devices.

While a lot of mobile users will have become used to zooming in and out of a website, a lot of the most popular websites used on your phone (like Facebook) have a mobile friendly version. This is increasingly likely to be needed, as even internet search giant Google have indicated that failure to take mobile use into account will soon affect search rankings.

So, while tablet use has increased, most websites have as yet been blind to this. So get yourself ahead of the game and make sure that when you next set up a new website or redesign your company one. That you think how it will look on a tablet.

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